Associate Executive Principal - Mrs L Hillyer

Designated Safeguarding and Prevent Lead

Acting Head of Academy - Mr D Longley (KS2 Leader) 

Year 3

Designated Safeguarding and Prevent Lead

Teaching Staff

Miss J Ingram - Nursery (SENCo)

Miss R Walker - Reception

Mrs K Wood - Year 1 (EYFS and KS1 Leader)

Mrs C Hill - Year 2 (School Council)

Mr D Longley & Miss J Richardson - Year 3

Mrs M Ali & Mrs N Gudgin - Year 4 (Mrs Gudgin is also our teacher for children who are looked after and those previoulsy looked after)

Miss M LLoyd - Year 5

Mrs A McConnell - Year  6 (Anti-Bullying Lead)

Schools Direct - Trainee Teachers

Mrs H Hawksworth

Miss F Lakin

Learning Mentor - Miss K Cousins

School Business Manager - Mrs T Jones

Admin and Attendance Officer - Miss D Greenlees

Support Staff

Miss R Hall

Mrs A John

Mrs D Leggett

Mrs D Weston

Mrs S Webster

Mrs T Jones

Miss L Rickaby

Mrs N Oglesby

Mrs D Cartwright

Miss L Dawson

Miss  D Blunt

Miss K Christie

Miss E Findlay

Mrs A Douglas

Site Manager - Mr R Needham

Cleaning Staff - D Nottingham, E Chapman, C Dunderdale

Kitchen Staff -  M. Brownsword, K. Jackson, C. Langton

Lunchtime Supervisors -  K  Cousin, N Oglesby,  T Jones, D Weston, L Rickaby, V Jones, D Blunt