Our Intent

It is our intent that we provide a PSHCE curriculum that successfully develops the qualities that our pupils require to flourish in our society. This includes raising awareness of current affairs and/or issues that our pupils are facing. Also, by providing opportunities to work as part of a team and by challenging pupils in order to develop their resilience and perseverance.

Throughout the curriculum, pupils are provided with opportunities to deepen their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. This includes using current affairs and cultural experiences to enable them to become thoughtful and caring citizens within school, and within society. An example of this is pupils visit different places of worship allowing them to be reflective of their own beliefs and respectful of others. Opportunities are also planned throughout the curriculum for pupils to develop a sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about themselves, others and the world around them and for them to use their imagination and creativity in their learning.

As a result of robust curriculum provision, pupils have a good understanding of, and are able to discuss/ debate confidently about, how to keep safe, including their understanding of e-safety, LGBTQ+, protected characteristics, county lines and different forms of bullying. Pupils have an age-appropriate weekly debating session linked areas such as British Values, inclusivity and mental health. This is linked to a key issue in the news and further develops their cultural development, understanding of the world, their moral development and how to keep safe. For example, children investigate the issue of radicalisation.

Our PSHCE and RSE curriculum is carefully planned in order to ensure that it is age appropriate and builds on previously learned knowledge or skills. As an extension of the curriculum, pupils access a wide range of extra-curricular clubs to enable them to experience different activities. The academy also has a weekly enrichment session that provides the pupils with opportunities to experience different games, sports and physical activities. Selected pupils are chosen to participate in Forest Schools and weekly visits to Coppice School (our local SEND school). These activities provide pupils with the opportunity to develop their resilience, teamwork, perseverance and communication skills outside of the classroom environment.

Pupils are taught, through the curriculum, the importance of eating healthy, maintaining an active lifestyle and keeping physically and mentally healthy. All pupils and staff participate in the Daily Mile. Worth Unlimited provide mentoring for vulnerable pupils in order to assist them to keep mentally healthy.

The academy utilises visits and visitors to promote the development of British Values and the importance of keeping safe. For example, this includes pupils visiting the Houses of Parliament, crucial crew, fire safety talks, safe touch sessions, police talks and water safety.

For most pupils when they begin Nursery, it is the first time that they have encountered so many others of the same age, and the key areas of PSED is the fundamental first step in being able to develop the skills of taking turns, making new friends and being expected to follow rules. The development of PSED is of utmost importance in supporting pupils on their journey of becoming confident children who are able to manage their emotions effectively and appropriately.

In Reception, pupils are supported to become confident, independent young people who can manage their own feelings and recognise feelings in others. Through circle times, modelling and scaffolding, pupils explore the concept of ‘Friendship’ and are supported to make the right choices. Pupils learn about basic hygiene needs and how they can be healthy individuals; the effects of being unhealthy are also explored. Pupils in Reception are introduced to ‘Stranger Danger’ and simple strategies they can adhere to if they are worried about something online.

In Key Stage 1, it is our intent that children continue to build on the foundations of the EYFS curriculum, and explore friendships, families, personal safety and living. Circle Time is used to explore these areas, and both discrete and sequences of lessons are used to underpin the core understanding of PSHE. Children in year 1 have visits from the School Nursing team to deliver ‘child friendly Safe Touch’ sessions, and all children have access to ‘Yasmin and Tom’ which is an online program to support RSE.

In Key Stage 2, we aim to support our children to become confident, informed, resilient and tolerant. We encourage the children to explore their rights and responsibilities, and understand that they can effect change in the world. Curriculum topics explore changes in recent history, addressing issues of inequality. We encourage our children to start to think about what they would like their contribution to the world to be as they get older. We discuss relationships, the world of work, harmful substances, keeping themselves safe (including e-safety and county lines awareness) and build a respect for differences. Transition to secondary education is a huge part of year 6, and we ensure robust transition procedures begin in year 5 to allow our children the very best start on the next stage of their learning.

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