Parent Voice

Parent Voice

We asked parents for their feedback in February 2023 and received 31 responses.

What do you think Crookesbroom is doing well?

“The education catered to struggling children, understanding and empathy and willingness to work with parents.”

“Encouraging each child individually and recognising their individual needs.”

“Giving children a number of opportunities they might not usually get, such as gardening club.”

“I am really pleased with everything the school is doing.”

“Children’s engagement and learning. Including them and making them want to come to school and learn.”

“Helping and supporting the children when necessary.. organising events and making learning fun.”

“How happy my daughter is to go to school is due to teachers providing good lessons.”

“Education is great, my son is in reception and his writing has came on amazingly.”

“I think it’s a lovely school with good values and the staff are great too.”

“Encouraging the children to reach their full potential academically.”

“Being consistent with education as I feel my child has come on so much with his reading, writing and his knowledge.”

“I believe Crookesbroom promotes good behaviour and encourages pupils to do well.”

“Great focus on trips and extracurricular activities!”

“I’m happy with the progress my child has been making at Crookesbroom on many levels: the education, his social & emotional development, and speaking & language-wise of course. And the staff I’ve dealt with so far at Crookesbroom Primary have all been very professional, kind and caring.”

“Approach with behaviour.”

Is there anything you feel Crookesbroom could do better?

“Communication between school and home could be better.”

Our response – we have now moved to all correspondence coming through MCAS (unless paper is completely necessary)

“Communicate with parents better and be more approachable.”

Our response – all teachers now greet the children on the playground each morning alongside the Head of Academy so parents and carers can speak to staff on a daily basis.

“Not sure why every morning the gates are shut, can they not be opened at 0830 as children are running around a road.”

Our response – school gates are now open at 08.30am.

“Communication of when clubs are on after a half term.”

Our response – club lists are now released earlier. They are also sent in digital format to avoid slips being lost.

“More communication I feel like until parents evening happens I don’t really know much about my child’s day is or how is getting on. I also feel I haven’t really met his new teacher from year 2 and we are now in February of the school year.”

Our response – teachers greet children and their parents/carers each morning on the playground. We now offer an option of a face-to-face parents evening or a phone call, to suit your needs. We also have begun open class sessions where parents and carers are welcomed into school to participate in activities with their children.

“Maybe email parents about school trips as sometimes my child doesn’t bring letters home and also each class to have a message page so that other parents can read messages specific to that class.”

Our response – we have now moved to all correspondence coming through MCAS (unless paper is completely necessary). These messages are sent to specific classes, as necessary.

“Maybe not put everything on Facebook (for people that haven’t got Facebook)!!”

Our response – the Facebook page has been closed and all communication moved to MCAS for consistency. There is a Facebook page run by Friends of Crookesbroom (this is not approved or controlled by the Academy or Delta) with some information for those who are interested.

Thank you for your feedback.