Nurture Groups

Jigsaw Club

At Crookesbroom we firmly believe that children’s learning is most effective when they have a positive sense of emotional well being, good self esteem, good communication skills and are able to show resilience. Lots of children experience difficulty with all or some of these areas during their time at school and may need  extra support to help to overcome them. 

Our Jigsaw Club works with identified groups of children who we feel would benefit from a small group setting and help with the things they may find difficult. Miss Ingram leads the Nurture group. 

We use a combination of the Boxhall profile, Thrive assessments, Pivat assessment, pupil progress and information from families and class teachers to identify children who may struggle with focus, confidence, participation in some lessons and have emotional needs that are not being met.  

Our aim for Jigsaw Club is to boost children’s confidence, develop resilience and improve self esteem and allow the children to transfer this success to their lives both in and out of school. Children follow a structure and routine that is clear to both staff and children which includes group listening and speaking, work tasks, individual and shared play, team work and social skills activities. Tasks may be easy (to promote positive attitude and success), difficult (to promote concentration), impossible (to promote problem solving and resilience), but most of all, they are fun. If you hear laughter coming from our nurture room, things are going well! The group runs on consistency, positive reinforcement and praise and follow the 6 key principles of The Nurture Group Network:

An important (and very popular) part of Jigsaw Club is the sharing of a drink and snack. This is usually squash or hot chocolate accompanied by toast, biscuits, crumpets or a sandwich and a piece of fruit and of course a cake when it is someone’s birthday. The ‘snack’ time is at the heart of this practice when the children and adults sit together and share food and talk. We also encourage the children to ‘try something new’  during snack time - particular favourites include croissants and waffles!