Views of the Academy

Questionnaire for Parents – March 2019

Thank you to all of you who completed questionnaires; here are the results.

Number of questionnaires returned - 143

 Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly DisagreeDon’t Know
My child is happy at Crookesbroom. 86140 0
My child feels safe at Crookesbroom. 86 1400 0
My child makes good progress.83 1700 0
My child is well looked after.88 1200 0
My child is well taught at Crookesbroom. 88 1200 0
My child receives appropriate homework. 68 3110 0
Crookesbroom makes sure its pupils are well behaved. 81 1900 0
Crookesbroom deals effectively with bullying.71 1900 10
Crookesbroom is well led and managed. 821800 0
Crookesbroom responds well to any concerns I raise.83 1700 0
I receive valuable information about my child’s progress. 81 1900 0
I would recommend Crookesbroom to another parent. 91 900 0

Questionnaire for Pupils – July 2018

Based on the views of 171 children in years 1 to 6. Numbers represent percentages that have been rounded up or down where necessary. 


Strongly agree


Neither agree or disagree


Strongly disagree

Teachers listen to what I have to say in lessons.955000
There is an adult at Crookesbroom I can talk to if something is worrying me.944200
My teachers encourage me to be friendly towards other pupils.937000
Crookesbroom encourages me to look after my physical health (for example healthy eating and fitness)962200
Crookesbroom encourages me to look after my emotional and mental health.85690 0
Crookesbroom encourages me to be independent and to take on responsibilities871120 0
Crookesbroom encourages me to respect people from other backgrounds and to treat everyone equally.918100


Very frequently


Some of the time



I enjoy school.742420 0
I enjoy learning at Crookesbroom.8212600
The behaviour of other pupils in lessons is good.7026400
The behaviour of other pupils around school is good.6235300
I feel safe when I am at Crookesbroom.1000000


In every lesson

In most lessons

In some lessons

 In very few lessons 

 In none of my lessons

Teachers help me do my best.964000
My teachers give me work that challenges me.8119000
Teachers make sure everyone understands things.946000


It doesn’t happen

It happens and teachers are really good at resolving it

It happens and teachers are good at resolving it

It happens and teachers are not good at resolving it

It happens and teachers do  nothing about it

How much of a problem is bullying at your school?861400 0


All the time

 Most of the time

 Some of the time

 Almost never


I feel safe when I am at school8218000


 Yes but it was too much information and not helpful

 Yes I received the right amount of information that was helpful

 Yes but there wasn’t enough information that was helpful

No I haven’t received any information


Crookesbroom provides me with information about my next steps (for example: moving year group or school).












I would recommend this school to a friend moving to the area.