About Delta

Delta Academies Trust (Delta) is a single-trust multi-academy sponsor. In that capacity, it acts as one employer across all the Academies which it sponsors.

Delta is an exempt educational charity with its members drawn from the public sector and Directors with appropriate expertise appointed on a voluntary basis. Delta has a proven track record as well as the educational expertise, capacity and experience to secure transformational change and sustainable academy improvement.

It is currently responsible for the leadership and governance of a number of schools including Academy Trusts and Foundation Shared Trusts.

With a predecessor educational trust history going back to 2004 Delta has an impressive record in School Improvement and has established an organisation which provides a 21st Century model for collaboration between the public sector and a not for profit organisation with public accountability.

Governance at Delta

An overview 

Delta is a charitable company subject to company law and it is a not for profit organisation.  Delta is a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) and the Delta Board of Directors is the legal governing body of the MAT.  Board members act collectively: with the exception of the Chief Executive they do not have individual executive authority.  The Board has delegated to the Chief Executive all responsibility for the day-to–day management of the company.   The Board of Directors (BoD) sets out Delta group strategy and operational policy in key areas which are then applied within and across all its academies through Principals and Academy Advisory Bodies (AABs).  

Education Advisory Bodies

Each individual Academy within the group has an Academy Advisory Body (AAB), which is a sub–committee of the main Delta Board.   The Academy Advisory Body (AAB) plays a key role in the life of each Academy. 

The AAB is responsible for overseeing the broad Academy objectives for their own locality – working with the Academy Senior Leadership Team to improve the whole life of the academy and its impact on its community.   Academy Advisory Bodies have specific duties to provide constructive challenge and local focus in the areas of:

  • Academy Improvement and Inclusion
  • safeguarding
  • Staffing, Recruitment and HR
  • Facilities, ICT and Estate
  • Community, Governance and local issues
  • Finance and legal.    

Issues, risks, action points and challenges are reported to Delta via the minutes of the EAB meetings.   Local AAB member involvement in the life of the Academy is ensured via the appointment of link members who meet Academy Senior Leadership Team members and other Academy staff in their areas of focus.